hi friend!! it's me, bayly jean!

I am a wedding, couple, elopement, and an all encompassing love photographer located in the twin cities. i'm a sing in the car at the top of my lungs with the radio cranked, get way too invested in fictional characters, and talking way too much in a (semi-decent) british accent kind of girl.  i'm someone that is always down for a cup of coffee and to chat about anything and everything under the sun.  

my background
I am from a small, SMALL town in northeast wisconsin called freedom.  I have always been someone that has loved the small-town, rural aspects of life and have appreciated my upbringing in such a place.  I went to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for my Bachelors degree in Psychology. I knew from the start that I wanted to pursue a degree in Psychology.  I was fascinated with how our brains work, and how our experiences and genetics can dramatically shape who we are.  after working as a tutor for a program on campus for students in the surrounding neighborhoods, and as a therapist for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I knew that I wanted to pursue a career of working with kids.  Therefore, I pursued my Masters and Education Specialist degree in School Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  

my passion and purpose is working with kids and making sure that they are supported physically, mentally, developmentally, academically, socially, and really in any way they need. every kid deserves to be understood, and deserves to feel safe and supported not only at home, but within their educational environments.  i currently work as a high school psychologist north of the twin cities, and I love love love my job, and being able to interact and be a pillar to student success is something that makes my heart happy.  
my philsophy
in 2018, I picked up my camera to play around with different ideas with my friends.  I hung up two yellow curtains on a basement wall that I stole from my sisters closet, and just decided to start snapping.  since then i have graduated from the basement wall, and found that love stories were my passion.  everyone's love story is so beautifully unique, and so intricately written that it's hard not to become invested.  we all take a different journey and a different path in life, and to be able to find your person, your sunshine on that path is an amazing thing. 

i didn't start pursuing photography because of the money.  i didn't start it because I wanted to spend weeks of my time editing, or on my feet 8-10 hours on a weekend.  I started doing this because I love the connections with the people that I meet, I love looking at people through the lens of my camera and seeing them become more comfortable and having fun, I love the happiness and joy on people's faces when they receive their photos.  I truly love to be the storyteller of love stories, the capturer of authentic moments, and the person that
photographs with intent.  

fun facts 
NO. 1 | my go-to coffee order
iced caramel and vanilla latte 
NO. 2 | zodiac sign 
i'm an aries, with my moon in gemini and an ascending leo 
NO. 3 | harry potter house
I am a hufflepuff, all the way through
NO. 4 | weird allergies
i'm quite literally allergic to blue denim, seatbelts, and everything outside
NO. 5 | cat momma
NO. 6 | fears
I have two fur babies! I rescued beans in 2019 and pinto in 2021. 
open water (eek!)